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The Bandito is designed to 1/12 Scale and will fit 6 to 6.5 inch figures. A section of the backseat is removable to accommodate bigger characters. The production model will come in a matte black ABS plastic. The tires will be a "rubber like" soft plastic.

The Doors, Hood and Trunk all open and close. The hood has a built in locking mechanism that can hold the hood open. The cars battery doubles as the switch that operates the lights. The battery for the lights is located under the Engine which is interchangable.


The trunk is spacious and holds lots of gear and even a body if things go sideways! 


The Bandito comes with working Headlights, Taillights and Dash Lights. We wanted photographers to have the ability to take shots in a dark setting to create mood and story. the ability to use the lights in the car help to create more dynamic and dramatic settings with your figures. The car was Engineered by our associate in Hong Kong, Johnny Wong. Johnny has amazing ideas and used the cars battery to double as the activation switch for the lights in the car. He also placed the batteries for the car under the engine which balances the wait of the car perfectly and creates a sense of realism. The lights run on two Triple AAA batteries.


The Future

The Bandito was designed for customizers. We wanted to build a vehicle that could act as an artistic canvas for making your own unique car. That led to the idea that we could design aftermarket attachments that could dynamically change the look and feel of the Bandito. Below are some of the concepts we are working on. Our vision is a line of vehicles that can be infinitely customized with interchangeable parts. It has been designed from the ground up to evolve and be unique to each collector but comes as a fully complete Action Vehicle. What it can be, is up to you!




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