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Manufacturing and Fullfillment

From Shipping to manufacturing we have all our bases covered. Oddfrog Entertainment has partnered with Ipack-Delivery for shipping individual units. Ipack-Delivery is based out of Southern CA and is near our design studio. Allowing us access to our products as they come in.


For our manufacturing and tooling, Oddfrog Entertainment has partnered with “Dong Guan Guandu Precision Mold Co. LTD”. They will be doing the tooling for the Bandito. Here is a link where you can see their website-

Dong Guan Guandu Precision Mold Co. LTD

Factory Front door.jpg
Dong Guan Guandu Precision Mold Co. LTD. Based out of Shenzen China they provide precision tooling and quality manufacturing. Hand chosen by our Engineer in Hong Kong, the brilliant and talented Johnny Wong

Tooling Shop in Shenzen

This is the tooling shop. Tooling is the process in which a negative cavity of each part of a vehicle is "tooled" into an aluminum block mold. Then the cars plastic can be injected into the mold. through a process called injection molding
Tool shop 2.jpg

Injection Molding Machines

Injection molding department.jpg
Once the part is tooled into aluminum, plastic is injected into the mold to for the shape of each individual part. The Bandito has a total of 76 parts to each unit. This many parts was necessary to build in the ability to swap out parts for mod kits later.

Assembly Department

Once all that is complete the vehicle goes to the assembly department where it is assembled and made ready for shipment. 
Assemble dept.jpg

These are images of the actual plant where your Action Vehicle will be manufactured and assembled. We hope that you found this sneak peek into our process informative. We realize we are a young company and that is why we make an effort to be as transparent as possible. 

This project has been in the works for nearly two years, and we have everything assembled with the right partners to make premium Action Vehicles for a fair price to the consumer. The future is Action Vehicles, Stay Tuned!!!

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