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Oddfrog Entertainment Makes Toys!

Oddfrog Entertainment toys are at your fingertips! Check out our website, Currently available for pre-order and shaping up to be manufactured by Gentle Giant Studios is the Bandito - Action Vehicle. The Bandito is the beginning of our Our 1:12 scale vehicle line called "Action Vehicles". 🚗 With your help, we need 1500 pre-orders for this toy get manufactured. Our Action figure, The OddFrog, is currently getting viewed for mass production by Gentle Giant Studios. This year we will be releasing a graphic novel that will further illustrate the adventures of The OddFrog. We can’t express enough how much your support means to us. You are helping us fulfill our dream of having our own designs mass produced with a Giant manufacturing partner. Please check out and get your free to pre-order today. We go to production as soon as we hit 1500 Pre-orders. Thank you again for supporting Oddfrog Entertainment. #theyneedrides #actionvehicles #musclecar #toycar #toycommunity #toycommunity #112 #toyphotography #oddfrogentertainment #preorder #kickstarter #toycollector #spreadtheword

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