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Welcome to Oddfrog Entertainment!

Home of the 112th St. Chop Shop and ACTION VEHICLES!! The first line of 1/12 Scale vehicles specifically made for Action Figures! Pre-Orders for the Bandito, our first vehicle in the line, are open now. Navigate to our store page to secure your collector's edition of the first ever, Action Vehicle. For more Images of the Bandito and other vehicle Designs coming soon please visit our 112th St. Chop Shop Page. We could not be prouder of the vehicle we are presenting, and we thank all of you for  your support. More to come, Stay Tuned!!!



For the most recent updates on the Bandito Pre-Order check out our YouTube Podcast. We try to update at the beginning of each show.

Bandito Pre-Order
Your Bandito has been designed from the ground up for future upgrades and modifications. Many of the parts on the car are interchangeable with upcoming mod packages that are being prototyped now! 
We want you to tell YOUR story. Each model in our line of Action Vehicles TM, will have the ability to swap out parts on the car to your liking providing a creative canvas for infinite customization options. One Action Vehicle = Infinite Possibilities.
Bandito Base tier packages Finished 1a-01.jpg
Here is how it works. We are already over 250 units so everyone that has ordered will already receive the the stock engine and hood. As we reach these other tiers, they will be added to your order. you don't have to do anything if you have already ordered.
Bandito Base tier packages Finished 1a-02.jpg
Bandito Base tier packages Finished 1a-03.jpg
Bandito Base tier packages Finished 1a-04.jpg
Bandito Base tier packages Finished 1a-05.jpg
We would like to reach 2000 units but we ultimately need 1500 units to get it built and shipped 
Thank you all for your support!!!!
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