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The team at Oddfrog Entertainment is dedicated to the craft of designing and delivering quality toys and entertainment. We specialize in 1/12 Scale Vehicles and Action Figures. Oddfrog’s vision is built on artisanship and craftsmanship. The goal is to assemble a coalition of individual artists and designers in a
select range of disciplines, each of whom excel in a diverse set of skills. It is a group of
artists hand-chosen for their personal ethic and quality of work. While we’re still in our infancy and our team is relatively small, this is by design. Quality, reliability, and integrity are the pillars upon which we are growing the Oddfrog brand. We appreciate your time, consideration, and any opportunity to have the

Oddfrog team work with you and your team.

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Team Bio's

Kelly Greenwood

Kelly 1_edited_edited.jpg

Kelly E. Greenwood

Founder & Designer

424) 241-4177

BFA Otis College of Art and Design

Kelly Buisness Card Logo back image 1a_edited_edited_edited.png

I remember falling in love with comic books at an early age. I still have the first comic my mom ever bought me. I was absolutely captivated by the stories and the art. There were entire worlds to explore in these little paper books. I marveled at the detail and layers of depth in each panel. I absolutely had to figure out how that was done. At that time, you could not just go online and look up tutorials, you really had to research and figure a lot out on your own. I finally discovered “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.” It was a revelation! I studied that book until it fell apart!

I have been on a mission to perfect my skills as an illustrator and a storyteller ever since. I took every art class available in high school. Later, I attended El Camino College in Southern California and majored in Illustration. I went on from there to graduate with honors from Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Toy Design.  I went to work for a major toy company in Los Angeles, California after graduation. I now enjoy doing freelance work within the toy industry.

I live in Los Angeles and often take advantage of the many opportunities available to me to view art and to visit art museums in the area. Art and creativity encompass every aspect of my life. As the proud dad of a beautiful teenage girl, I love spending time with her sharing our love of art and creativity. My daughter is also extremely talented and creative and is now attending my alma mater, El Camino College. She is majoring in cosmetology—yet another art form!

Every day I wake up excited to forge into this venture. I am infinitely fortunate to work at what I love most; with the people I most admire. I pour all my passion and attention into every project I work on. I believe in building long term relationships with our clients, and the only way to do that is to deliver quality work on time, every time!

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Kelly's Bio
Eddies Bio

Eddie Hermosillo


BFA Otis College of Art and Design

Eddie Hermosillo
Co-Founder & President

Artist, Designer and Digital Sculptor

Specialist in Zbrush, Digital Sculpting, 3D Printing and Project Management.


Back when I was a child, my greatest joy came from immersing myself in the world of toys. Hours would slip away as I recreated epic episodes from shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Exo Squad, Gargoyles, Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, and Power Rangers. The list seemed endless! But what truly captivated me was the ability to weave intricate storylines across different toy universes. Sometimes, I’d modify the toys to fit the narrative I was playing out for the day or even an entire week.


Growing up in LA during the late '80s and early '90s wasn’t a walk in the park. Firsthand experiences of events like the LA riots and frequent encounters with the police forced me to see the world through a different lens. Despite these challenges, my parents worked tirelessly to create a nurturing environment, providing us with everything we needed—and even some of our wants. Their efforts kept me on a path that ultimately led me to where I am today.

Coming from a Latino background, my father instilled in me the value of hard work and doing things right. As soon as I could, I secured a job. Within a few months, I found myself as the shift manager at our neighborhood Pizza Hut—a sudden rise that made me everyone’s best friend.


After high school, I embarked on a cross-country journey, became a father to boy-girl twins, and spent over 15 years consistently excelling in managerial roles at various restaurants.

Fast forward to today:  I’ve since graduated from Otis College of Art and Design, where I majored in Toy Design. Yes, you read that correctly—a Bachelor’s Degree in Toy Design, and I am now  the Co-founder and President/COO of Oddfrog Entertainment LLC.

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Mike Cantrell

Mike's Bio
Mikey Headshot.jpg
MLC Voice for Wix.jpg

Mike Cantrell

Voice Artist

Voice Artist and Audio Production Specialist. Professional Sound From Home Studio

424) 241-4177

Passion... What’s yours? Ever since I can remember, while growing up in the Pacific Northwest, my passion has always been people. Talking with people, learning from people, relating with people, and especially performing for people. I caught the “acting bug” early and joined every production possible from a young kid, through my time in high school. I loved performing, becoming different characters, and playing my part in the most relatable way I could for the audience. 

After becoming a father at a very early age in high school, I had to focus all my time and energy on raising my family. While I still was auditioning here and there, I didn’t have the extra time to invest to fully pursuing my dream. Although, many directors over the years did ask if I ever considered Voiceover as well, saying it would be a good fit for me. While I absolutely did consider it, I mostly took it in stride. Over the years, I have had a multitude of different jobs, working with, and around many different people from all walks of life. 

Fast forward to present day...I still reside in the greater Seattle area, my children are grown, and I have the time, energy, and drive to dedicate myself to my own path. I have submerged myself in coaching and training, and most importantly, my Passion is stronger than ever! I have truly found my voice. When I say passion, I mean, I put all my energy and experience into each and every project. My life experience, drive, and Imagination are some of my most powerful tools.

Whether you need a Commercial, Narration, eLearning Project, Corporate Narration, Animation, Video Game, or ANY project that requires the Right Voice (big or small!), just give me a listen. I have that unique, smooth, relatable, believable, human voice, with a mid-age range, friendly voice. With a vast variety of voices for animation, as well!

All my focused energy and talent will go into your project. Every time. That’s what I mean when I say, “Your project IS my passion”. 


Michael Larry Cantrell (MLC)

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Paul's Bio

We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave us a message and we invite you to become a member of our site. We are passionate about our work and accept critique as well as good wishes!

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South bay, Los Angeles

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