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Action Vehicles

The Bandito is the first in a line of what we have coined as "ACTION VEHICLES". We already have designs ready for prototype on several other 1:12 Scale vehicles. Have a look at the line up we are creating in the gallery below.

The Bandito

The Bandito Was the Get away Car of the assassin Jones Bones. He was murdered by rivalries and his body thrown into the trunk of the Bandito. The Oddfrog finds the Bandito while trying to escape with a transformative serum. In the daring escape the serum is spilled into the trunk where the body of Jones Bones is rotting. The serum re-animates Jones Bones and brings him back from the dead. He's Pissed, he wants revenge, and he wants his car back!

Abstract Surface
Primer grey customized Bandito with bullet holes
Cusotmizable toy car
Multiple pieces of a toy car model
The Bandito 1:12 Scale Action Vehicle, In Action, Spider-man, Gambit, Deadpool
1:12 Toy Car with action figures inside
customized toy car

The Mod Kits and the Matte Black finish allow for almost infinite customization.

Toy car with working doors hood and trunk

The Tactical
Bad Van


The Bad Van Cut Out.png

The Bad Van was custom built in the Chop Shop. Designed by Jones bones as a mobile command center, it was meant to punish and dominate advisories. It has an arsenal rack and a computer as well as a pop out Mini Gun turret. As soon as we hit 1500 units with the Bandito we launch this pre-order. Help us get there and secure your Bandito on our store page! we are waiting on a quote from our manufacturer to set a price. we have a good idea of where we want it so check back soon

On Fire
Battle Van Toy
tactical toy van
inside veiw of toy van
Gear with toy Van
computer inside toy Van
Under toy van

The Bad Van is Loaded with Features and with also accept modification kits

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