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Unpparalleled Customizability

We designed the Bandito for customizers and toy photographers. Every part of the car is designed for augmentation, right down to the matt black finish which is ready for paint right out of the box.

This 1:12 Scale collectable Action Vehicle had to be designed for multiple breakdowns and rebuilds. This means that every part of the car had to be meticulously thought about and designed including the inside.

We realized early on in the development process that want true customizers and photographers wanted was the ability to transform the car. Everyone will be able to make a unique vehicle that fits the photographic aesthetic.

What that thinking allowed us to do was build into the car the ability to equip it with different mod kits that we can make available after the car is released. We want you to build your perfect car, custom designed by you to tell YOUR story.

We here at Oddfrog Entertainment would like to thank everyone who has come on board so far! We have developed this car for almost two years and we are just getting warmed up! Stay Tuned!!!

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